PRESSHOUSE is a powerful, flexible and fast layout automation and database publishing extension for Adobe InDesign® based on Adobe CEP.



Get a quick overview of the impressive automation performance of PRESSHOUSE. Due to its framework for batch, task and project organization, PRESSHOUSE is much more than just another plug-in for database publishing. It is a seamlessly integrated InDesign extension with remarkable scripting and connectivity features that make it very easy to bind data from remote data sources to Adobe InDesign.


The examples are showing the impressive flexibility of PRESSHOUSE. The layouts range from freely designed brochures to product catalogs that include extensive table structures. The number of pages ranges from 80 pages to over 1000 pages. PRESSHOUSE is very fast with about one second per page. Combined with the professional typography of Adobe InDesign the created pages are an important marketing tool for your company.


One of the main advantages of PRESSHOUSE is the open connectivity interface. It can process any type of text data from any type of data source, including remote services via HTTP REST. It connects to any PIM system such as Akeneo, Hybris, ITB, Informatica, Pimcore, Perfion, Riversand, Stibo, Viamedici and many others. Due to the flexibility of the layout definition, PRESSHOUSE is the first choice for the automation of content in Adobe InDesign.

  • PRESSHOUSE takes
    any data from any text source (i.e. XML, JSON, CSV, …) and automatically creates fully designed document pages in Adobe InDesign very quickly (1 second per page).
  • PRESSHOUSE automatically
    creates catalogues, magazines, brochures, data sheets, price lists with complete free layout definitions. Pages can easily be updated without having to rebuild.
  • PRESSHOUSE provides
    a powerful scripting container which enhances automation functionality. Internal and external tasks can be put together to batchs that run complete task chains at the press of a button.
  • PRESSHOUSE offers
    over 50 Xml Attributes for controlling the page positioning process. Absolute and relative positioning, page  breaks, image sizing, linked frames and more.
  • PRESSHOUSE organizes 
    your automation projects in different workspaces to separate concerns. Different departments or customers can hold their own data, scripts and tasks.
    HTML 5 and Node.js as a modern UI and web application plattfom. Over 1 million Node.js packages can be included free into PRESSHOUSE to extend functionality in future (i.e. AI, BI, …).
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Get connected to the future

PRESSHOUSE connects your company to the future. Based on the integrated Adobe CEP platform and the upcoming Node.js web technology, PRESSHOUSE combines the flexibility of Adobe InDesign scripting technology with the option of extending the functionality to the web. Together, let’s connect to the future of unlimited content automation.